Top tips for the perfect children’s birthday party

Planning the perfect children’s birthday party in London should be an absolute pleasure for all parents. . Just glancing at the internet, the number of children’s birthday party ideas and services available to parents can’t fail to excite and amaze, or even terrify! We have come up with some top tips for the perfect children’s birthday party for anxious parents:

1. Plan ahead – This is a great top tip for the perfect children’s birthday party. It’s ever so slightly difficult to organize the perfect party for your son or daughter the night before it’s supposed to take place. If you had promised to book Queen Elsa as your children’s party entertainer, but forgot, she’d be a little unhappy if the best alternative you could get was Spiderman. His version of “Let it Go” might not have the same impact. Most parents have some awareness that their child’s birthday is approaching from their own child. When your son starts telling people he’s five and three quarters years old, it’s time to buy some invitations.

Princess Entertainer Queen Elsa Spiderman Entertainer Superhero

2. Set your budget and stick to it – whether you want to spend £100 or £1,000 your child can still have a wonderful time. Tamara Ecclestone reportedly spent £70,000 on her baby’s first party. That may be out of reach for most people, but if that was what she planned to spend and she stuck to that budget, then she would have been happy with the outcome, no doubt! Do not feel pressured to overspend. Not everyone can afford a petting zoo in their back garden, but you can give kids a really good time with traditional children’s party entertainers and their children’s party games, like “Pass the Parcel” and “Musical Chairs.”

Fairy Party Games with our Party Entertainer in London

3. Don’t have the party in your house – there’s a real chance so many children could wreck the place. Just not having to tidy up after them will be worth the fee of hiring a venue if you can afford it. Young boys also aren’t totally accurate when going to the toilet, so let the local Town Hall deal with the mess! With Soft Play centers and various venues for hire popping up all over the country, there’s a wide range of places to have your party for all budgets. You’ll be helping out a local business too. Especially with the Covid H & S measures in place, let the halls deal with the Risk Assessments. They may even do all the food as well!

Rainbow Unicorn Entertainer

4. Don’t take on too much – you might think it’s a good idea to invite 20 children and all their parents to your house and to tell them that you personally will do the catering. When you’re stirring cake mix at 3am then trying to turn it into Thomas the Tank Engine, cleaning the house at 6am and then leading the game of Musical Statues before serving the buffet, you might be overdoing it. You can actually get a Thomas the Tank cake from most supermarkets. Hire a kids’ party entertainer in London to entertain the children whilst you do the buffet. Or, don’t invite all the parents!

Superhero Party London

5. It’s England – prepare for bad weather! You may plan for a great party in your garden, but it’s best to prepare for the worst. Book a Children’s Entertainer, they can entertain both indoors and outdoors. You may think, oh I can easily host party games myself, but there’s a reason there are Professional Children’s Entertainers out there, the stress involved in organising and entertaining 20 plus energetic kids for 2 hours is no easy feat. Hiring a professional party entertainer can take the stress off yourself so you can sit back, have some bubbles with your fellow parent friends and watch the kids having a great time.

We have come up with some top tips for the perfect children's birthday party Fairy Entertainer for Birthday Party Entertainment
6. Enjoy it! – it is a party and parents need to enjoy it too. If you follow the above top tops for the perfect children’s party, you will be smiling happily at the memories, until the next year!

    Written by Jenna Rothwell, aka Minnie The Clown, leader of the Minnie The Clown Parties Team.

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