The Tory MP for Lincolnshire says they’ve done their ‘bit’ for Eastern Europeans

Oonagh Keating. Updated March 2nd, 2022 As Russia continues its deadly assault on Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens have fled the country in search of a place of safety. Bordering nations, such as Poland and Romania have stepped up to the humanitarian plate, setting up camps to give refugees immediate respite before helping … Read more

A Tory minister said Ukrainians should apply for seasonal work visas – 12 favourite clapbacks

Oonagh Keating. Updated February 28th, 2022 The situation in Ukraine remains bleak and incredibly dangerous for everybody there, which is why many have fled into nearby friendly countries, such as Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. While those and other countries are doing whatever they can to accommodate the Ukrainians, it’s crucial that others open their borders … Read more

A Tory councillor got totally owned for saying Boris Johnson was on the front line

Oonagh Keating. Updated February 28th, 2022 Much has been made of the fact that Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has taken a hands-on approach to defending his country, despite intelligence suggesting he is a specific target of Russian snipers. He was offered the chance of evacuation by the USA, but turned it down. New @AP reporting … Read more