This thread of incrediblely detailed instructions in an Airbnb is a proper jaw-dropper

Poke Staff. Updated March 2nd, 2022 It’s not unusual when you stay in an Airbnb for the owner to leave you an instruction or two on how things work, stuff to do (and not to do), that kind of thing. But we’ve never come across a set of instructions quite so all-encompassing as this, a … Read more

This thread about the ‘first Great Information War’ is a fascinating and important read

Poke Staff. Updated February 28th, 2022 Journalist and author Carole Cadwalladr has gone wildly viral on Twitter with this thread about the ‘first Great Information War’ and it’s a fascinating and important read. 1. Ok. deep breath. I think we may look back on this as the first Great Information War. Except we’re already 8 … Read more