Black Clown Matters — Home

I’ve been a professional clown for over 20 years. I began this career working for the Big Apple Circus in their Clown Care Unit in 2000. We performed in children’s hospitals. I’ve always found this work to be rewarding. It’s a combination of artist, service, and community that has been consistent throughout my professional clown … Read more

Clown Tour 2018 – Clown Me In

Our Clown Tour for 2018 was a huge success, with 24 clowns reaching over 4,600 people through 25 performances in 10 days all over Lebanon. That’s a fancy way of saying that it was absolutely incredible! Photo from the last show by Diego Ibarra Sanchez This tour usually comes after our We Must Clown workshop, … Read more

Operations Officer – Clown Me In

Operations Officer with experience in finance/accounting and operations Clown Me In (Awrad Association) is a clowning and street theater NGO based in Beirut, which uses cloning to spread laughter and provide relief to vulnerabled communities while exploring human vulnerabilities and helping individuals to accept them. Clown Me In has worked around the world, in Mexican, … Read more

Clown Time at the Hospital — Home

A few notable moments from my most recent day clowning at The Children’s Hospital Piedmont in Columbus, Georgia, with dr. tiny, aka Ron Anglin. Ron is doing an excellent job of organizing and maintaining our clown presents in Columbia. Thanks for his work during the pandemic, we are still hospital clowns. After doing our check-in … Read more