The Music Continues. — Home

Healthcare clowning has always been close to my heart. Over the years, I’ve watched some programs begin working with adults and eldercare populations. Eldercare clowning is especially close to my heart because of my experience with my mother, Florence Gordon. Mom played the piano at church. Some of my earliest memories are of my mom … Read more

Operations Officer – Clown Me In

Operations Officer with experience in finance/accounting and operations Clown Me In (Awrad Association) is a clowning and street theater NGO based in Beirut, which uses cloning to spread laughter and provide relief to vulnerabled communities while exploring human vulnerabilities and helping individuals to accept them. Clown Me In has worked around the world, in Mexican, … Read more

Return to In Person Programming ⋆ Clowns Without Borders USA

We are delighted to announce our first in person program of 2022. In March, Clowns Without Borders will be traveling to Iraqi Kurdistan. We will be meeting with partners, leading workshops, and offering performances, with the goal of setting up a multi-year program. Iraqi Kurdistan (also referred to as Southern Kurdistan, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, … Read more

The Education Secretary got schooled for saying pupils shouldn’t criticise Boris Johnson – 12 favourites

Oonagh Keating. Updated February 10th, 2022 The new Commons Leader may be trying to convince people/himself that the public isn’t interested in Partygate, but when it’s even become a topic for a primary school writing exercise, he must surely acknowledge that there is some cut-through. Year Six pupils in Welbeck Primary School in Nottingham wrote … Read more

Clown Time at the Hospital — Home

A few notable moments from my most recent day clowning at The Children’s Hospital Piedmont in Columbus, Georgia, with dr. tiny, aka Ron Anglin. Ron is doing an excellent job of organizing and maintaining our clown presents in Columbia. Thanks for his work during the pandemic, we are still hospital clowns. After doing our check-in … Read more

The Most Iconic Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

2 / 27 “Where’s The Beef”, Wendy’s (1984) “Where’s The Beef”, Wendy’s (1984) In this iconic ad, 81-year-old Clara Peller uttered her catchphrase “Where’s the beef,” which swept the nation and launched her to fame that persists to this day, nearly two decades later because she is definitely still alive, just like everyone you love. … Read more