16 good reads from Twitter for World Book Day

Poke Staff. Updated March 3rd, 2022 It’s World Book Day, which is the focal point of a charity that aims to give every child a free book, but which draws attention to itself by encouraging children to dress up as someone or something from their favorite stories. World Book Day stands in solidarity with the … Read more

13 times Piers Morgan was gloriously owned by Gary Lineker on Twitter

Poke Staff. Updated March 3rd, 2022 Now Piers Morgan has landed his new TV and newspaper gig, we can expect him to be even livelier than normal on Twitter. One thing never changes, though, and that’s his always entertaining spats with Gary Lineker, from which the Match of the Day presenter invariably (always) ends up … Read more

This thread of incrediblely detailed instructions in an Airbnb is a proper jaw-dropper

Poke Staff. Updated March 2nd, 2022 It’s not unusual when you stay in an Airbnb for the owner to leave you an instruction or two on how things work, stuff to do (and not to do), that kind of thing. But we’ve never come across a set of instructions quite so all-encompassing as this, a … Read more

The Tory MP for Lincolnshire says they’ve done their ‘bit’ for Eastern Europeans

Oonagh Keating. Updated March 2nd, 2022 As Russia continues its deadly assault on Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens have fled the country in search of a place of safety. Bordering nations, such as Poland and Romania have stepped up to the humanitarian plate, setting up camps to give refugees immediate respite before helping … Read more

Things To Avoid Saying When Confronting A Bully

If you’re a weak-ass pussy bitch who is actually considering standing up for yourself, it’s important to be prepared. Here are several phrases to avoid saying when confronting a bully. “I won’t stand for this.” “I won’t stand for this.” Bullies have excellent comedic timing and they won’t miss the chance to lay you out. … Read more

This thread about the ‘first Great Information War’ is a fascinating and important read

Poke Staff. Updated February 28th, 2022 Journalist and author Carole Cadwalladr has gone wildly viral on Twitter with this thread about the ‘first Great Information War’ and it’s a fascinating and important read. 1. Ok. deep breath. I think we may look back on this as the first Great Information War. Except we’re already 8 … Read more

A Tory minister said Ukrainians should apply for seasonal work visas – 12 favourite clapbacks

Oonagh Keating. Updated February 28th, 2022 The situation in Ukraine remains bleak and incredibly dangerous for everybody there, which is why many have fled into nearby friendly countries, such as Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. While those and other countries are doing whatever they can to accommodate the Ukrainians, it’s crucial that others open their borders … Read more

A Tory councillor got totally owned for saying Boris Johnson was on the front line

Oonagh Keating. Updated February 28th, 2022 Much has been made of the fact that Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has taken a hands-on approach to defending his country, despite intelligence suggesting he is a specific target of Russian snipers. He was offered the chance of evacuation by the USA, but turned it down. New @AP reporting … Read more

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy is his country’s voice of Paddington and minds are blown

Oonagh Keating. Updated February 28th, 2022 At the time of writing, Ukrainians are still holding off the Russian army in defense of their capital city, Kyiv, and the nation itself, although it is at a critical stage. ⚡️President Volodymyr Zelensky told British PM Boris Johnson this evening that he believed the next 24 hours was … Read more

Every Studio Ghibli Film Is Secretly About The Same Thing

Continue Reading Below The first is that Miyazaki is a deeply empathetic man—he wouldn’t be much of a leftist if he wasn’t. He’s not interested in making a one-dimensional polemic on the Evils of Capitalism. Consider that in Princess Mononoke, Lady Eboshi, the de facto leader of Iron Town whose pollution and expansionism are driving … Read more