James Blunt had the best response to New Zealand’s anti-protest tactics

Oonagh Keating. Updated February 14th, 2022

Several hundred protesters emulating the “Freedom Convoy” truckers currently causing mayhem in Canada have set up camp around New Zealand’s parliament.

Their aim is to register their displeasure against the country’s strict Covid-19 rules, which have kept the total deaths over the whole pandemic to 53.

After police action failed to the tide, the parliamentary stem, Speaker, Trevor Mallard tried to make conditions so unpleasant for the protesters that they would leave of their own accord. He did this by having the music of Barry Manilow, Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’, and the Macarena broadcast on a 15-minute loop.

The story went down well across social media, with reactions like these being the order of the day.

The best response, however, came – as it so often does – from James Blunt.

The powers that be took him up on the offer.

That hasn’t worked either; perhaps he’s more popular than he suspects. His tweet was certainly extremely popular, with tweeters bringing the kudos –

As for the protestors, it might be time to break out the nuclear option.


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